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high tryglycerides

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

high tryglycerides
Question about high tryglycerides!!!?

So I had blood work done at my physical and i was looking online at my blood work cholestrol was normal..and my hdl and ldl were both normal but my tryglycerides were 174 which is about 30 over the normal…how dangerous is this! i have normal blood pressure and all my other blood work was good just my vitamin d was low but im taking calcium and vitamin d pills. Im starting a diet and going to the gym more so will this help with the high tryglyerides? is it as dangerous as high cholesterol!?
Thanks for any advise!!

It’s not that high and yes, exercise will help to lower it. Also watch the fat in your diet as well as the carbohydrates which turn to fat in the blood which is triglycerides. The more you lower the fats you eat and the carbs your triglycerides will drop so watch the fats, sweets, and carbs you eat and yes it can be as dangerous as high cholesterol because it is fat deposits in the blood which can cause blood clots just as much as cholesterol (plaque), high triglycerides can also cause diabetes if there is a family history of diabetes.

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